March 22, 2006

About Brahmins of Tamil Nadu

Meekness is one of the characteristics of the Tamilian brahmin.Many are poor. some have become rich.Still the majority in Tsmil Nadu are non-brahmins.

Some castes like Pillai and Mudaliars are agrarian and businessmen.Many Chettiars are like marwaris and lived on money-lending like the jews.Theywars are maravars ie they belong to the warrior class.

After the fall of the Kingdoms in the South Castes and significance got automatically blurred.But some political parties strengtened the castes and started vote banks.

Even today in villages of south Tamil Nadu where theyvars are more the lowers calsses cannot drink tea in the glass.Aseparate unclean glass is kept for lower class.Also when the lower caste man walks on the street where theywars live they should remove their shoes and walk bare footed as a mark of respect.Violations are dealth with cruel attacks on the lower class families.

Brahmins don't react much on the vituperations of Peryar and Karunanidhi gangs.
By nature Brahmins don't fight with hands or weapons while other carry swords and small weapons to attack enemies.

The exploitation of meekness and honesty of the brahmins was perpetrated by the higher castes and British.Somehow the British found brahmins as honest man fridays and clerks for their work in the Govt.Why the non-Brahmins of Karunanidhi ilk did not ask for clerical work from the British? Talents were not there.

There was a party of mudaliyars who sided withn the British against the freedom for India. Justice party.Even Peryar had leanings with that party.Reasons adduced were not acceptable.
on one hand they espouse Tamil literature culture saying that old man marrying a young girl is not a match.But Peryar married a young woman and called it Puratchi.

Periyar was against the temples and Brahmin priests.HE declared there was no GOD.But he entered Vikom temple asking for right of worship for the lower castes.IS it not contradictory?
This irrationality is the hall mark of such so-called reformists of Tamil Nadu.
These non-brahmins were not enterpreneurial.Many Andhrites who settled in Coimbatore were responsible for the industrial revolution of Tamil Nadu.
These are all facts

But Vedas were born out of selfishness of groups and their bounded rationality.Brahmins are born out of the head of God is unbelevable fantasy.
People believe in Saibaba as a God man.It is also fantasy ogf groups.
Any human being wants to achieve some imaginary satisfaction anf prestige.Everybody cannot climb to the top of the pyramid in human excellence.If one is not excellent by the social parameter he tries to align in groups.Because human beings are selfish and suspect each other.Some try to cheat and hoodwink for some goal or other be it sex, money of power.

I belong to Yujur veda.I consider it as wasteful classification.


Blogger VAMANAN said...

Venkat...why don't you continue your thoughts about the community and the reasons for its present state...

2:53 PM  
Blogger Subramanian said...

The biggest problem of Brahmins of TN is that they have stopped being philosophical and started being rigid casteists following dogma rather than true reason.Someone like Venkat here is just frustrated and his marxist education does him no good as he still has not met someone who can explain him the idea of Vedas/Yajur Vedam.

The real issue for any community that is perceived to be backward is that they did not get english education or modernise themselves quickly enough.

Persay i owuld just have asked most Tam Brahmins to move to AP/Karnataka and learn the local language there and assimilate into their society.

Most have done this already as they had the foresight to do it.If u r in TN and u r not upper middle class,u r abusing yourself.

5:49 PM  

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