March 23, 2006

Oppressed Brahmins -Main thoughts

I agree with Vanaj.The following activities of non-Brahmins require clarifications.
First of all for vote bank politics non-brahmins are baiting the brahmins.
EVR Periyar was a telugu who shifted to Erode during andhra droughts.He was hassed by brahmins in his child hood that is what he claims.His vendetta was mudslinging the brahmins.
As a caste brahmins were never organised and individual talent and merit were the hall marks of the genetic code or the haplotype of the brahmins.Even today the Theyvars and Mudaliars practice untouchability in the villages.Brahmins wanted hygene or achara.As they are natural vegetarians they separated themselves from the non-vegetarian majority and had some discipline in their ways.They learned to control the mind body nexus thru god-fearing activities.
See the tall Politician karunanidhi who is a brahmin baiter.He was a barber.How he has amassed so much wealth in his family?Even the Chettiar Chidambaram the finance minister and much flaunted Wharton product is like a mouse before him.Why he is not investigating the wealth accumulation of DMK Karunanidhi and his entire family. Because he is a chettiar and always thinks that Brahmins are for their help and servants.Honesty of Brahmins helped the chettiars in their money lending and hence the fore fathers of Chidambaram could show some economic strength.
Although we know all this nobody is putting forward proerly the plight of brahmins in the world.Now somebody should start a brahmin villge on the net and steal the show by genetic superiority and peace and excellence that brahmins stand for.


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