March 25, 2006

In South Caste ridden double talk

In south India the politicians talk about tamil language.Perhaps they are like Mr Jacques Chirac of France who resently walked out of a meeting where one French man spoke in English.At Chirac has inveterate love for language and some rigidity.In Tamil Nadu the love for Tamil is political.

Some politicians who are Telugu by origin show dramatic love for tamil words.90% of the Indians don't have computer net access.Further they think like ostriches.
At least LTTE is fond of the language and try to express this in their sites of Tamil Elam.
In Tamil the socalled Tamil lovers cannot even pronounce the letter "ZH"ie there are 3 ls with different intonations and phonetic purity. one is " L" said as "la",the other is "lla" the third is "ZH" with a voluble twist.

As most of non-vegetarians suffer from this difficulty of correct pronunciation, the brahmis do it correctly and also musically.To belittle them to hide their weakness the non-brahmins,dub them as sanskrit oriented.
Here it is pertinent to mention that many Tamils non-Brahmins don't like Sanskrit and Hindi the nothern language of India.Some elements who have settled in Bombay Dharavi slums(Tamils) speak good colloquial Hindi.
If the communication is raised to international level in English the importance of local language may languish.Hence to keep most of the people "internationally ignorant" all Tamil politicians harp upon Tamil as the only language of the world.(I am again reminded of Ostrich's head in the hot sand)
AT the heart of all this is economics as Amartya Sen says what is required is welfare economics for India.How to subvert welfare with corruption can be known from these politicians.
Many decent people don't go to even vote in India.How the percentages are declared in the press as above 50% I don't know.Everyday you hear of false voters' lists. The bureaucrats make hay while the political turmoil continues.
Recent office of profit issue is blatant dereliction morals.To stand apart and gain sympathy for Congress party Sonia Gandhi resigned from her Parliamentary seat.Congress men have committed blunders in taking Sonia as leader.Such an individualistic person like me has been forced in upholding moral heights.


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