March 28, 2006

Selfishness as divine

Selfishness is in-built in DNA replication. Why Adenine and tryptopan etc should organize that way and replicate in a logarithmic manner? The very molecular formation which has evolved by force principle is "selfish" this amount of self possession is in everyday life and it is like valency theory in Chemistry.

Hence if the human nature is not selfish there is something working in that body or human organs which is against the grain of life.

Why we eat? To keep the systemic process working. That is pure selfishness DNA materials etc from plants and animals see their way into our cells.
Human cells as also so called all living beings or animals or insects selfish.
Selfishness has circles like atmosphere I think.
1st inner circle takes care of the very existence of life.
2nd circle maintenance function of the first circle.
3rd circle manages all artificiality and multifarious directional movements of the type of Brownian movements
4th circle goes beyond the physical sphere still keeping the very selfishness at the core.
I used to tell my children be selfish but not to an extent of conflict in economics.
All the church values against selfishness is for the poor to exchange value with the persons with wherewithal. I am not a capitalist but a bit philosophical.
Love,kindness mercy and being non-selfish are taught by the Christian fathers to preserve the Christian legacy and community. For that matter it is in every community. I see these values are for huddling the poor because they are selfish without economics.
Anyway all of you please think on these lines and reply to me.

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