March 14, 2009

discussion on old ways

Brahmins should get up at Brahma Muhurta

However, the life of a Brahmin was the most difficult. As per the Shastras (holy books) their duties comprised of teaching, learning, performing Yajna (vedic rituals), accept charity and give charity.

The typical daily schedule of a Brahmin, according to the Sastras, is described as following:

• A Brahmin must get up two hours before the sunrise (Brahma muhurta).

• After getting up, he cleans his teeth, bathes in cold water and performs prayer

• Next he performs rites or sacrifices to the gods

• Next is the daily study and chanting of the Vedas

• In the second part of the daytime, the Brahmin must teach his disciples the Vedas

• Afterwards he must gather flowers himself for the worship he is to perform.

• Since he is not expected to earn a salary, he must beg for his food and also for the materials for the conduct of various sacrifices.

Shastras gave Brahmins the right to beg for their food and other requirements. They were not expected to accumulate wealth and own lands. They must donate excess charity to the priests. Brahmins were permitted to eat only Sattvik or simple food which included raw fruits and vegetables, milk, and limited cereals.

The daily schedule, eating habits and duties prescribed for Brahmins, were based on long experience of Indian philosophers. They had understood that the only method to create divine or eternal knowledge was to rise above the worldly pleasures of senses.

This is reported as a stipulation....but nowadays brahmins don't worship god so intensely at least publicly because of the anti-racist feelings unleashed by the Dravidian parties of Tamil Nadu.Many have become scientists and contribute to society.but the non-brahmins occupy business and other vocations including politics and try to amass wealth.Even today brahmin shines in his work and is dutiful in majority.He shows higher morals and integrity.

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Blogger Anand said...

As far as i can see, the present generation of 'brahmins' do not do even a single thing amongst what you have listed. At the least, they can get up early. If not so, they can atleast perform sandhyavandhanam after their bath. People do not even believe in god(because they think that is a fashion) and do not even utter a small prayer(excluding some of the exam times).

Most of the brahmins' ways of living are so ridiculous, but heavily predicted by Shukacharya in Bhagavatham. There he says, anyone with a thread around their body would be the brahmin in kali yuga's bitter times.

This is one of the reasons why our country is not improving fast.

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