November 29, 2007

NSK and anti Brahmin humour

Recently I watched with interest about NSK,s life history in a TV which says that it is the only one holding the tamil cause aloft.

EVR and Annadurai enlisted the support of the NSK and his troupe for anti -brahmin propaganda into the rural areas. This is a systematically planned spread of ethinic hatred against the brahmins of Tamil Nadu. Even in films like "Uthama Puthiran" NSK has extended his propaganda in the name of rationalism. A brahmin's role played by him.Sitting on the banks of a river he his doing his "Sandhya vandanam".it is shown that a village seller of grass comes there and tells him that she wants to drink the water in the river.The brahmin says that it is for them to do moring ablutions and worship God and she should not drink the water or touch it.Then the village woman begs and the brahmin is shown to yield and the passes on Rs.5 to her and tells her to come to his house in the evening when his wife is not there.

The meaning conveyed is that the brahmins debauch the village women and they have subtle libido which is camoflauged.

Like this all his films he carrys such messages against brahmins and brahminsm as if he is the authority on the history of brahmins.with such propaganda machine DK, DMK and others with oppotunistic political ends denigrated the brahmins as cunning souls who serve their interest in the name of God.
People of tamilnadu don't seggregate politics from entertainment.

Even today one faGR is seen as a dancing idol in all political rallies and TV shows.
Congress got defeated for ever because of lack of links with entertainment industry in Tamil Nadu. Let them learn this lesson from history to revive themselves.

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Blogger Deepak Mohan said...

I couldnt agree more with you. These bastards have institutionalized corruption and hatred throught heir anti-brahmin propaganda....Thank organizations like the Hindu munnani, thts doing their bit to offset the nonsense done....I'll come up with a post soon..

PS- lets admit that our Brahmins have had a dark past with social justice. But I also feel it's time to move on.

10:10 PM  
Blogger Anand said...

This is true even of Vivek, the much acclaimed comedian. He can always criticise social issues but not a particular varnam or their ways of doing things. "Nekkaa nokkaa bike kaa?" is one of those things seeing which all brahmins themselves were laughing without realising that they are being made fun of. He does it on other occasions too. I condemn him for these kinds of acts.

9:57 PM  

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