September 24, 2007

Violence and hooliganism

The violence and hooliganism unleashed by political parties in power in TN will wipe out the remnant of goodwill harboured by the old faithfuls to congress in a moment.The anti-constitutional behaviour by DMK is evident from EVR Periyars' Anti-god and Anti Brahmin stand.

How the minority of brahmins be ill treated by the majority backward classes as in Gemany during holocaust? The attack on BJP and other party offices including of Dinakaran are carefully planned by the MK's party.

That is born with violence and grows with violence will be destroyed by the society with violence.

The actions clearly show how TN is heading towards split. How an anti-God head figure can be head of the Govt? What right these people have to question Modi in Gujarat?

As a freedom fighter I consider that Congress to grow further in TN should sever relations immediately irrespective of consequences.
Please keep MK and his selfish family under check to preserve the constitutional democracy of India and also keep Congress going with the support it has now.


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