August 7, 2008

Iyers and Iyengars...........Dasavatharam.

For tamil brahmin cause he has not done anything.He is subtly belittling the Iyers as if Iyengars are more faithful to God by quoting historicalevidence.In the mash up known as Dhasavatharam Kamala Hasan has shown Iyengars as matyrs and the Chola king as villain.

What really happend is far away from what is shown on the screen.

Iyengars were too much against Lord Shiva. Even some Iyengars have averred Him as a beggar with a bowl and burnt ashes. While Iyengars use Zeolites as the thiruman while Iyers use Oxides of metals. Iyengars advocate the hedonism of Vishnu to mobilise forces.While
Iyers preach renunciation and were nearer to the definition of brhamins in scriptures, Iyengars preach admiration of God with pleasure and wealth. Economics is the basis of life is realised by Iyengars earlier and they are highly materialistic and turned so earlier in history than the Iyers.
Later they are so selfish that even brahminism has been neglected by them.Persons like Rajaji did not help brahmins much except for improvement of his image and existence.

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