October 27, 2011

New mayor....Brahmin orientation...will he help Brahmins or follow the hatred drama

.. Very Glad !! I had read about this man training BC ,OBC cnadidates for IAS.and his institute has produced many IAS officers. . I request DuraiSamy through this column that due to poisonous nature of Karuna many Brahmins are unable to continue their higher education. Incidentally Karuna & Co came to power through the thoughtless action of Shri.Rajaji which he repented later on . Durai ,there are still many poor Brahmins [cooks ,servers ,Savundi Brahmins ,the often ridiculed Satries ,Kurukals ,many Brahmin Intelligent girls still languishing because of the curse of the caste. Please help them !!! They will serve India better . Many of us like them left TN [though we still speak Tamil & teach Tamil to our children ] ! Durai ,we can't hate Muslims just because they also destroyed HIndus once ! So why only hate Brahmins ! Neo - MettuKudi makkal like Karuna [ we curse him daily ] still spread Brahmin hatred though Brahmins are neither powerful politically nor adorning Government Instituti
from:  Prof.R.Krishnamurthy
Posted on: Oct 22, 2011 at 05:51 IST



Blogger Abhishek Pundit. said...

hello dear,since i belong to a brahmin community, i can understand your plight.I hope someone will realize the truth,sooner or later.

6:21 PM  

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