February 18, 2011

Brahmins and temple worship

The way of life is mental strength.The way of worship by brahmins may have Sanskrit mantras which even many Brahmins don't understand fully.But one thing is clear to brahmins is the god is worshiped with rituals which are not violent or sacrificial of animals.See the Goddess Kali and such deities as Ayyanar and even some Amman and Stone deities are worshiped by Non-brahmins to 90% following there may be some brahmins in traditional villages following such deities as well. I took a list of my Brahmin and nonbrahmin friends and asked them casually on this subject.
I observed their way of life and inquired about their fathers and grandfather' ways.I found a sort of crudity and uncultured approach to worship which is wild and not mild in such brahmins who did not have the sheltered life of brahmin culture.Their looks and even body structure has got changed with change of worship method.This is Epigenetics.In Non-brahmins as majority had an unsheltered way of life slightly crude or wild and non-vegetarian their structure and worship seems to fall in one category.Even in this category some Pillais of Tirunelveli and rich thevars and even vanniyas looked very bright in body structure and slowly started adopting the brahmin way of mild worship with flowers and eatables. I want to smother the very concept of Brahmanism as advocated by DMK for personal vote bank gains

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