February 15, 2011

Brahmins are meek by nature and work hard with God in the mind.

Mindset is very important in the culture development.The have adapted by themselves to reciting slokas on God as Christians and Mohammedans read their bible and kuran   respectively.As a way of life with or without understanding they learn certain Sanskrit passages and recite them daily as destressors on day's activities.
People like MK are dravidians of lower or non-brahmin class.They cannot pronounce the sanskrit words properly as their fathers or culture in the family has not developed in the direction.This has not given any right for him to talk on brahmins as his rationality is limited.Does he know what is Epigenetics? Does he know how human races are from genes which are selfish in preserving their activities as a group despite individual differences.
these are the fundamental questions which if asked there is no answer from him or his group.politics is a way to get power not from people of clear mind but from asses who follow and get motivated by material carrot and stick policy.The freebies he is distributing are carrots for that material mind of many non-brahmins even economically oppressed brahmins.These freebies are not distributed to middle class or brahmins in the country.Why?He distributes it first to Christians and then Muslims and many shops in TN keeps the TV in the shop as entertainment for the shop owners and visitors.The very idea of the home having the TV is thwarted or that person has the TV already at home and this is the second one.the bias and hatred with racist tendencies are oppressing the brahmins in TN in particular and in the South India in general



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