February 18, 2011

News papers ---Brahmins

If we understand history most of the English newspapers of good standing and unbiased reporting is started by brahmins in Tamil and English.During my morning walk i see the boys distributing the papers and magazines every morning.Because of internet only a stagnation has occurred that too very little.because the young generation was not reading newspapers in lower middle classes and poor classes.Upper class boys have taken up internet surfing for news.
when I interviewed some they agreed that Brahmins 60% read The Hindu or TOI or Deccan chronicle in Chennai.Many lower classes elderly read Tamil newspapers.Even 20% of brahmins of Grukkal class read Tamil mags and newspapers only.

In Thiruvanmiyur North Mada street alone there are 15 vendor distributors sorting out the papers in the morning.When I checked that their main business is steady because of upper middle classes and particularly brahmins.they even say many Brahman housewives like Anandavikatan and Kumudham only as they contain tidbits to a decent level.
When I specifically asked about some Dravidian oriented magazines and newspapers,they showed me very low number to be distributed that too to only petty shops.At lease 25 % of the wheel of economy in this casual sector of hard workers is moved forward by brahmins only.

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