April 1, 2007

Views on recent developments----1

This is a correct version of "Dirgha darshis"that is men with vision.See how Pakistan is against India and with the help of entrenched muslim terrorists acting smugly to foment trouble in the world.Pakistan is like rakshsa.Bagwan Shiva can only quell them and Al Queda.

Brahmins of India know this.But for economic and political reasons some Dravidians and the mis- directed Congress party for vote bank politics,are promoting the Rakshasa who will trouble them more in future.It is time to eliminate Pakistan and show a way to Indian muslims who are treated as low caste in the muslim world.The Arabs and Sunnis of Iraq don't consider Indian muslims as muslims at all. This is evident from the treatment that they get in Gulf countries when they visit for emplyment.



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