May 28, 2007

Brahmins are hated in Tamil nadu despite their intelligence

Brahmins face hatred in in Tamil Nadu because of their paroachial behaviour. Every brahmin with stuff or not, feels he is superior.When a few brahmins join they exploit the other caste without mercy and justice. They lack respect for law as long as they carry on with impunity.Even if others point out their flaw they don't accept.

Many brahmins are henpecked and the wife at home rules behind the scene. Many have negative feelings and ideas.Within the four walls they cook and read some commonplace local magazines and see TV serials which are very retrograde in social thinking.

Their habit of story reading and reading of low category religious materials make them vengeful with the world around.Most of the women are timid and don't have worldly knowledge and expansive thinking.
Mayavati the present CM of UP being a woman is justice oriented and clear in her goals. Unlike Brahmin women she never cares for the old declared values. I appreciate her courage and feeling of justice.


Blogger Lakshmi said...

Brahmin wife has always ruled the household. This is not something new. Brahmin men are known for their culinary skills. There is no shame in cooking and obeying your wife. After all Devi the mother of all gods is a women. Every Brahmin knows that and dutifully submit themselves at their wives feet and obey her command.

6:46 AM  
Blogger chiklo said...

Brahmins are seen to be hypocritical and practise false chauvinism just to take full advantage of the place, be it office, society or a nation. flaunting god worshipping, very cunning in nature. one know how to compete with oters without losing any extra sweat. many cases prove the anti brahminism theories are to be appreciated in our country asthey spoil the minds and occupy their places high in the society.

4:20 AM  
Blogger Shiva said...

I respect to any comments if Brahmin's wife is like goddess Lakshmi or 25% of her... Most of them are Lazy with obesity and claiming they rule the household.. Global fact is that any woman can rule the household but not everyone should obey it.............

7:22 AM  

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