April 1, 2007

More convincing facts-Reply 2

The way you have replied to the argument shows your upbringing.Have you read the haplotype research I mentioned.

Any way of life is created by our behaviour.You have used the word "vomiting" and "regurgitation" etc Anger alone cannot solve issues.Why don't you rise above C.V.Raman or Einstein in brain and work.
Mere feeling is not enough brain is required with matching behaviour.
In the direction of civilisation "you should have wisely chosen your father" as Harold Lasky says in Grammar of Politics.
Think of Osama and muslims,he is doing more harm to the community than the other muslims.I am an old man who passed through EVR's Campaign in the south.Brahmin baiting was a "meme".Non-brahmins become easy victims of memes!!! why? Think.
It is all gentic and divine.You cannot alter that however you think.Please don't use abusive language even in anger.Rule your behaviour from the head and never allow the high flying heart to take over.Have discipline like Brahmins.Brahmin priests get up early and have bath and visit the temples to conduct Poojas for the good of all other avocations like vaisyas,Shatriyas and Sudras and those who follow athavana vedas.Hinduism is a way of life and is not a dogmatic religion.In the chain of space and time you cannot change positions easily because of economic and political needs.India has become free.Majority of the politicians are non-brahmins.What is the level of corruption?.Many peoples" reps behave like dictators.Now all the people and Indians think that the old mogul dictator or British boss are better.As the civilisation evolves further economic conditions improve,systems change.Are you aware that most of the sons of brahmins are the best computer programmers in the world moving the civilisation ahead.
Leave the venom and toxicity in your thinking.That is for politicians of the non-brahmin class.Even in Vedas it is written that any body who follows certain way of life is a brahmin.But vedic pundits did not know about the genes and their fundamental nature when they declared the way of life.
Shouting with majority is not merit it is averaging behaviour.Simply writing against brahmins like the political pundits cannot save you and your bodily or living stress.
Please do dispassionate research and try to steer the world if you can.Even brahmins will follow you.But with empty venom and toxic words like vomiting even your own class of non-brahmins won't follow or agree with you.
Why non-brahmins are denied rental accommodations in India? See daily rental ads where they say openly brahmins are preferred?
Why non-brahmin boys want o marry brahmin girls? See all socially oriented films.
Why Ambanis have brahmin Guru?
Why there is still racism?
Why christians don't like the muslims?
Why muslims perpetrate terrorism in the world?
Why muslims are not able to contribute to the scientific knowlege of the world as the Hindus and the caucasians and chinese buddhists?
Economic conditions in the Non-brahmin ruled states in India is deteriorating.Are you aware that many non-brahmins sell their children in Guntur, AP?
In Kerala non-brahmins have superiority from 9th century and nampoodhris are looked down upon.How the non-brahmins of Kerala improved over time?What is the akin-ness of malayalam to Sanskrit?
Why Gujarthi vaisyas are superior to all entrepreneur classes in the world?
Understand and improve your personal position before declaring such falsehoods

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