June 16, 2007

Brahmins and Polygamy

Some epics mention about polygamy.Most of the kings who had many wives are kshatyrias and not Brahmins.

Even if the brahmins had more wives to propagate race they were exceptions. Further in the process of natural selection having many wives is a natural instinct and vice versa. Why then having fun in the garb of hedonism in all the countries particularly western?

Some say that dravidians as distinct from Brahimns(becaz they classify them as aryans) had one wife norm.It is not welfounded on facts.what about "parathiayar" in the Dravidian culture.Also "chinnavedu" was and is prevalent more with dravidians than the Brahmins.Some exceptions will always be there. But the moralistic culture advocated by Thiruvaluvar and many Tamil classics can be explained as the need of that hour was didactic literature.

These saints wanted the world to be moralistic in their way because there was deterioration in the society with poligamies and even parathiyars and chinnavedus.That culture should not be forgotten.
I agree that aryans brought in Soma Bhanam he wine or Bangh. But are these are brahmins? Not at all.
Regarding skin colour etc I agree that climate and even DNA plays a role mutually reinforcing each other.

Again I mention Haplotype research which writes the history of genetic origin. Power which is physical or economical or others can take turns rule the opinion of the world. genetic history of the Brahmins or dravidians cannot be obliterated by political movements.

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