March 26, 2009

Brahmins and reservation

In many corporate bodies and even banks brahmins are sufferring by anti-brahmin caucuses meeting to create an anti-brahmin grapevine and whisper societies by simple hatered formula.It is pure anti-racism. In Banks the anti-brahmin groups form a secret conclave and influence postings.In SBI some Mudaliar officers in south form groups to connive against brahmins.I know one non-brahmin officer used to call all such officers in his house on Sundays for discussions on strategies to ouwit the performance of Brahmin officers and create hurdles on their ways and even postings they may get.these machinations were done by an officer near my place and he used to even influence them on loans.He was serving as aRegional manger and there were disciplinary cases against him .Such instances are known to me all over India particularly in PSU banks and SBI.This cannot be thwarted by any movement.Even top brass could not do any thing because even the parallel bosses of association and union were practising this "dharma" agaist brahmins.To my surprise some Iyengar officers were weak links in the affair revealing many information against their own colleagues. this anti racism is condemnable to the core.This type of antagonism cannot be tolerated by the minority brahmins.When S.V.Shekar wanted reservation for brahmins I felt that is impossible as they have no democratic ways to apply to the cause of brahmins.The politicians and vote banks of Tamil Nadu was caste driven and mean in action and hatred of the pristine castes.Even Mudaliyars and theyvars and /chettiars make hay by keeping the brahmins away from their goodwill.they use hid brains and services but don't support him communally.I consider the non-brahmins highly communal more than the Muslims.

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