November 4, 2011

Dr.Swamy and Brahmins

Dr swamy is a proud Brahmin who is bringingw all corrupt fellows to books by his legal and political accumem.He is working day and night andmtqravelsma lot,to understand local reasons. But he has to be careful not out of fear but the cunningness of the swindling class is that of terrorists .WhT was the assets of all new rich?while India and Sonia want votes of the poor but leave them in lurch in the same condition without opportunity for growth and income and hence no good living conditions.this unfairness is exploding as London Riots and Occupy Movement internationally.In India Anna,Ram dev ,Sri Sri and especially and systemically dr.Subramaniam swamy.they are all Devine bold souls.all the political leaders should fall at their feet and request them to lead India which they are looting by personal interest.For long Dravidian parties rules TN and DMk family had no assets of this stature which they have acquired thru power and clout and greed.I wish the occupy movent should be directed towards their assets and Anna can do it.Swamy can create a legal framework for that.


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