September 30, 2009

Genes and brahmins

The recent research has shown there is no brahmin gene or non-brahmin gene.Although caste system started with professional segregation and activity categorisation, brahmins adopted an easy road by too much of worship and rituals to dominate all socially.the carpenter was engaged in his work on the wood while brahmin was eating by accepting food from others and temple and rituals became one activity that helped him economically in the long run.To survive he had to have habits different from others and he practised some rituals etc. he did not do much hard physical work.This is not generalisation: there were brahmin who were warriors and even hard works in all activities.
Further Brahmins adopted a sansritised way of intonation etc to preserve their way of life to which every human has a right. The rulers wanted such advisors who positioned themselves near God and temple culture to control the kingdoms.Some brahmins were good strategically advising the kings against enemies.
I consider only a layer of 30% of brahmins were intellectuals. by marriage and environment as Agraharams they preserved their peaceful life.they ate plants and not animals.
Some new upstarts from all the castes now eat well and suffer from obesity that brahmins were suffering earlier.Macaulay called "pot bellyed brahmins eating ghee" seeing some priest class of Kancheepuram etc.
Now the situation is different.Gene pool has become mixed and DNA cannot be controlled in democratic countries or for that matter anywhere.

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