October 1, 2009

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1.In the recent Osama video it has been found that some "ventriloquism" takes place.ce in the virtual sense. How? Is there somebody else aside speaking in Osama's tone or voice?.......................

3.Some of the science writers are greedy folks and not in the service of science but run with monetary intentions.They are not for the cause.Such writings can be easily sifted by their sensation.Such writers are not original.Run publishing mills for money.They don't propagate knowledge nor disseminate science sensation......................

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

New tips for Good health

Good health is a result of ongoing simple monitoring of the needs of the body.
Mind body interactions can be reduced by physical activity like yoga or running or even walking to some extent.Unoccupied mind about life or living or economics of existence gives a freedom to body.This degree of freedom pushes one to pink of his health.Also activities which you like if you do even if there may be some taboos,or social constraints etc one feels happy if I use that broad term.Only some persons can go after their goals certain or uncertain in their outcome madly.The diurnal rhythm keeps us away from food for nearly 10 hrs in the night more or less. the gap of 10 hrs increases the appetite in the morning towards what we call breaking the fast.

I want to write on the various plants taken as food and nutritional diet and even as medicine in South India in my future blog posts.

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