January 28, 2011

Brahmins and genetic profiles

As a social researcher I found that Brahmins are not sociable and never show sociability in real sense.Their mild food habits have alienated them from the world.Epigenetics has very important role is established by the weakness of the brahmin caste.
while moving with the majority who are not brahmins want an exclusive physical space.This is born out of a false superiority and also to some extent eliteness because of hygiene etc.The worker class and non-brahmins in south India are non vegetarians 90% of all population.In the Brahmin sample I studied only 3% are given to non-veg food that too very young people.

Also False ego has penetrated them because of chanting "Sanskrit slogas" etc like the JEWS and even to some extent muslims. Thus Brahmins in India as a race are oppressed by the brute majority of non-brahmins who are bounded by power hungry and corrupt ways in the main.When I interviewed many brahmins they never told the truth or fact.Aggrandised their daily chores as if God sent.Even in Gods they segregated the Tirumurthis and Iyengars pretended to me superior but with parochial views and customs.Shaivaites remained calm and with conviction as if everything is moving smoothly in the world.
Iyengars cared for wealth and grabbing of wealth mor then Iyers

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