February 6, 2011

DMK and brahmins

Maran's family members are brahmins and MK supports sun TV and Marans.Mk himself has married a nadar as his third wife.Now he claims brahmins are against his party and Raja.He is trying to hoodwink people and his followers who are dwindling nowadays in number.
Whenever he violates laws of the land only brahmins who happen to be lawyers question him and his family,
Raja himself being a lawyer with a self driven force of a dalit without care for future implications have sold spectrum to companies which have dubious distinction of having a surveillance network to gather our strategic information.Manmohan singh and congress should save India and not get into the selfish family oriented subterfuge of DMK.
MK is trying to arm-twist by issuing a legal notice on Swamy.I think court should take suo moto cognizance and implicate him as defendant in the case.
First Mk should think of genes and genetics.His social revolution can swindle tax payers money as freebies but not create genetic changes.By system of births we have hereditary genes as Sudras and brahmins.EVen among brahmins and others the genes have individual character.As a group the majority cannot be intelligent.We should think of national growth different from personal growth.Simply talking tall concepts etc is not enough.
Brahmins have changed into various roles successfully.Suppression and oppression cannot hold water anymore.This is pure and extreme racism and anti humanism which is terrorism
When Jews were isolated and persecuted west joined and helped Israelites.Now if local castes try their wits brahmins will join internationally and teach a fitting lesson. Let the DMK men study history Now world is a village and people know more about genes and genetic differences scientifically. Instead of moribund tamil concepts somebody can explain genes to Karunanidhi and the behaviour is epigenetics and evolutionary progression or growth of the world and genes.

http://vimarisanam.wordpress.com/  In this blog and links the futility of his anti thread talks are discussed well

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