February 11, 2011

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This modern Parasurama will destroy the arrogance of the corrupt flybynight billionaire vaisyas

By janamejayan

There is a report that a small hardcore paid agents of Karunanidhi burnt an effigy of Dr.Subramanian Swamy. This the way Karunanidhi reacts to Dr.Swamy seeking permission from the Governor to prosecute the Chief Minister Karunanidhi.

Karunanidhi knew from day one over sixty years ago that the Brahmins are the repository of Dharma and would haunt him. As the modern asura who venerates Ravana he joined E.Ve.Ra. and persecuted the Brahmins. His conviction was that if you destroy Brahmins then Dharma can be conquered. So as Chief Minister he saw to it that the Brahmins are denied education and employment in his secular domain. He did his very best to get the Brahmins out of Tamilnadu.

Somehow despite all his efforts Brahmins could not be thrown out. They have survived. They have already given birth to a Narasimha who is going to tear this asura apart into pieces!

Karuna! burning effigies don’t destroy Dr.Swamy! If you try to touch him the people will lynch your clan in the streets of Madras!

When you, the secularists break Varnasrama Dharma you don’t know what kind of Pandora’s box you are opening. Brahmins started entering the domains of Kshathriya, Vaisya and Sudhra and as intellectual giants as they are they excelled in all these fields and became their leaders. For example the leaders of the athiest communists in West Bengal and Kerala are Brahmins! P.Ramamurthy of Tamilnadu and EMS Namboodhiripad of Kerala set off the powerful CPM and its labour outfit CITU. Today in West Bengal the CM and the leader of opposition are Brahmins. Under their secular outfit the state has gone to dogs and the Muslims are taking over.

In Tamilnadu the chitadel of reservations the Brahmins were consciously kept away from entering the fields of the Kshathriyas, Vaisyas and Sudhras for fear they would excel and become leaders in those fields even though they would become secular (not Dharmishtas). It is just not a blind anti-Brahminism but clear innate fear that Dharma lurks in them and would assert its way one day! Karuna! You are damn right on that score!

First you believed in the number game and as it began to wane you believed in the bribe game and EVM fraud game. But to this Parasurama of one man army your intelligence is infinitesimally small and your army is a paper tiger!

Karuna! Your end is near and no God can help you for you despised them all anyway! There is no escape! You can run but you cannot hide!

This Parasurama awaits you in every corner you turn! So lose your sleep and have nightmares!!

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Karunanidhi burnt an effigy of Dr.Swamy. Obviously he has nightmare galore! « Janamejayan’s Weblog Says:

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