October 20, 2010

Brahmin Vadhyars

Many of them have mobikes as they have to go to client brahmins for pooja and death anniversary functions.Now karunanithi who is an atheist is giving cycles to village poojaris.
For how many Brahmin poojaris they have given cycles from tax payer's money?

Brahmin vadhyars don't keep up time in city functions..Many don't do pooja reciting all the slokas.
This is not in the interest of such a community which wants to earn thru such rituals.Also many take away the pooja materials without permission from those who conduct the poojas.

Rates have not been fixed for service and some try to grab more thus creating dissatisfaction.Brahmana Samaj should fix rates in cities for vadhyars and this can exclude conveyance which can be added separately. An office in an organised way can be opened in every locality and this can allocate duties for registered vadhyars.This will keep the rituals going till all brahmins become economically better.The profession of worship will get a boost with elitist touch of brahmins.Brahmins can regain their superiority as priests for all castes.

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