September 23, 2010

Why they hate brahmins?

is a good analysis....with historical perspective...Whatever be the rationalisation the hate red exhibited by EVR Periyar and Backward class champions like MK in Tamil Nadu and such groups including communists is RACISM.

Even in the cinema world brahmin humour is above any sensitive requirements. Comedy is used to mask the racist remarks...

In Kerala Nairs mock at Nambhuthri Brhmins .................Even crack jokes as if it is comedy..but cause lot of hurt to them.International conventions should recognise this as racism...They cannot dare pass such remarks on Muslims because it is immediately responded as violence..
Even Jews are belittled because of their conservative ways and these so called uncouth majority thinks whatever they do is law and acceptable..
UN should recognise this racism which has even gone to the extent of ethnic cleansing of Kashmir Pundits...World pundits and so-called wise men preach peace but peaceful living is targeted progressively from humour,mockery,derision this proceeds to even ethnic cleansing.
Many Brahmin villages have been vacated by themselves by selling their properties to locals not out of economic necessity but to have improved life and to avoid the racist remarks etc...from the local non-brahmins.
If you go through some individual stories of such forcible eviction and occupation of brahmin properties by non-brahmins are evident

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Blogger aa said...

The history of India is a witness that Indian society is made of and runs on caste system. Within this system, it is but apparent that Brahmins have put themselves on padestal based on birth: a thing that no one can control or choose. Even today we all feel racism within Indian society. The lower caste people have been down trodden within the Indian society for generations; before they used to be scared now they don't give a damn. So what if they make fun of brahmin's bigotrie? Either change your way and be fair or suck it up!

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